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What would you do with a blank canvas?

Make your mark on the wall. It's your work, your style and in the medium you choose.

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Put your mark on the wall. Download the EOI  and be part of the On the Wall project.

On the Wall #10 (Thursday 16 July – Sunday 11 October 2020)

Jennifer Matthews, Lyn McDonald, and Valarie Robinson, Out of the Blue, 2020. Twenty‑one works, various media.

On the Wall #9 (Thursday 16 January – Sunday 14 June 2020)
Brooke Tiley Hamence, Borderline Reflections, 2019.
Brooke Tiley Hamence, Borderline Reflections, 2019. Mixed media.

On the Wall #8 (Monday 14 October 2019 – Sunday 12 January 2020)

Brigitte Tornatora, Harvest Food, 2019. Coloured pencil.

On the Wall #7 (Monday 15 July – Sunday 13 October 2019)
Jessica Orr, River Banks, 2019. Luxe cotton rope, jute twine, sari silk ribbon, ethically found feathers, Tasmanian oak dowel.

On the Wall #6 (Wednesday 15 April – Sunday 14 July 2019)

Image: Bob Jankowski and John Whitney, Mildura Map, 2019. Mixed media.

On the Wall #5 (Monday 14 January – Sunday 14 April 2019)Image: Laura Freitag, Untitled, Natural Remedy, 2014–present. HD video.

On the Wall #4 (Monday 22 October 2018 – Sunday 13 January 2019)Steve Hederics, Life drawing at Nichols Point Scout Hall, 2018.

On the Wall #3 (Monday 16 July –  Sunday 14 October 2018)Left: Cairo Loy, Curse of the Blood Ghoul.
Right: Carolyne Rickard, R.A.I.N.

On the Wall #2 (Monday 9 April – Sunday 15 July 2018)Digital installation from artist Jennifer Douglas featuring footage from ABC Open.

On the Wall #1 (Sunday 14 January – Sunday 8 April 2018)Melanie McGaffin,  Irrational Colour, 2018. First work of the On the Wall project.

Image: Blank Canvas – On the Wall project.

Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Arts Centre

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