Mixed Media Collagraphs and Prints Workshop

Sam Lowe

Saturday 19 September until Sunday 11 October

Part One

Plate and background making

Part two
Printing and decorating 

Collagraphs are a way of making prints by building up a surface area to apply ink to and make a print/impression. In this fun workshop with artist and arts educator Sam Lowe, participants will learn how to create collagraphs and prints using different objects.
Ages 10+

Recommended materials:

Paper to print on
A4 size paper or smaller
Can be any of the following:
Cartridge paper (white or coloured)
Good quality printing paper

Paper to make Printing Plate/Collagraph
Stiff cardboard (no larger than A4)
Corrugated cardboard (for texture)
Thick photo mat (photo frame surround)

PVA glue in squeeze bottle
Decoupage glue or Modge Podge for sealing the printing plate
Shellac (optional)

Decoration items for plate
String or twine
Leaves or flowers from the garden (flattened)
Fabric or lace with texture (not fluffy)
Packing foam
Bubble wrap

Background creation
Large potatoes - to make long stamps (approx. 3)

Stanley knife or small craft knife
Paint brushes large
Ink or foam roller
Paper or kitchen plates or old tiles (for applying or rolling ink)
Paper towel
Old rags
Gloves (optional)

Acrylic paint (any colour - available from craft stores, art shops, Spotlight, Kmart, etc.)
Relief printing water wash ink (any colour - available from Premier Art Supplies)
Drawing materials: graphite pencil, pen, sharpie, etc.

Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Arts Centre

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