Main image: Susan Wald, Lake Mungo Red Top 2, (detail) 2018. Oil on Linen. Photography by Andrew Curtis.

Image above: Susan Wald, Mungo III, 2018. Black ink on Hahnemühle paper. Photography by Andrew Curtis.


Susan Wald

6pm, Thursday 5 March

My language is paint. I speak through the medium of paint and ink, pencil, acrylic and pastel. This is a language I am always learning, a language of challenge and a language of love, where I try to express my thoughts and responses to the world around me, bear witness to the actions of mankind and the wonder and beauty of the land.
This land speaks to me, speaks of its ancient presence, of the justice and injustice it has witnessed, the rich oasis that was ours to nurture. We ravaged it, murdered and displaced its Indigenous peoples, poisoned it with chemicals, tore down the trees and made extinct so many of its animals, plants and insects. The land gave to us so that we would take what we need, not more. Now we face our own extinction.
Painting is a passion and a refuge. My hope is that I have something to say and something to give, that I can be heard and can communicate through the language of my paint.
Susan Wald, 2019.
Exhibition Thursday 5 March – Sunday 3 May
Location: Mildura Arts Centre

Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Arts Centre

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