Above Image: art prompt – radiating lines (detail), 2014. Chris Fraser. Collage and mixed media on paper.
Image: sweet dreams (detail), 2017. Chris Fraser. Gouache, pen and ink on Arches paper.

child’s play

Chris Fraser
This exhibition, child’s play, explores the concept of enjoying the simple pleasures of life; something we often do more easily in our childhood. Whether making sounds or music, playing with basic toys, sitting and day-dreaming, or wondering at the marvels of nature, these fleeting moments provide treasured memories that travel with us on our journey and can be recalled nostalgically when we need to revisit our less stressful lives.
The multi layers and intricate patterning in my gouaches and acrylic paintings are time consuming, but the process is quite meditative. Working on such backgrounds allows me to go with the flow and be in the moment, whilst contemplating experiences from the past. Hopefully the viewer is transported to their past and memories of happy moments as they experience these images.
Chris Fraser

Exhibition opening: 6pm, Thursday 14 December - all welcome!
Thursday 14 December - Sunday 28 January
Mildura Arts Centre Gallery

Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Arts Centre

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