Friday 29 July - Sunday 4 September

Mildura Arts Centre
Gallery 3
Free Entry


Valarie Robinson

Exhibition Opening: 6pm, Friday 29 July 

Large amongst riverine vegetation, Eucalyptus camaldulensis (river red gum) dominates the surrounding landscape with its distinctive colours, textures and sometimes tortuous growth patterns.

Trees of incredible age, young saplings, swathes of dead skeletons, those with exposed roots on the river bank at Johnson’s Bend close to my home, coexist with supporting flora and fauna which enjoy similar environmental and climatic conditions.

Infinite varieties of marks and textures made by insects, splits, rubbings, hollows, bumps, burls, seasonal and environmental changes, the bark of this genus has provided stimuli and inspiration. Red gum bark as artwork, meditative in its unique way, restores and refreshes the creative and spiritual self.

Extracting colour (eco-dyeing) from bark, wood, and leaves of Eucalyptus camaldulensis and applying it to paper, cotton and silk fabric, was the catalyst for this collection of work.

Image: Valarie Robinson, Red Gum Leaves, 2022, eco-dyed and stitched fabric.