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Rio Vista collected…

Mildura Arts Centre Collection

Rio Vista collected invites visitors to explore a selection of works from the Mildura Arts Centre Collection, showcasing the very building you are standing in today, Rio Vista, along with some iconic views of the region.
As Rio Vista celebrates 130 years, this exhibition captures its journey, looking through the eyes of artists who captured a moment in time, from the exterior view where Rio Vista has such a commanding presence, to artworks that highlight the intricate details of interior fabrics and furnishings.
The Spanish‑style name Rio Vista (River View) reflects the Californian influences found in the Queen Anne style house. 
Rio Vista was built for William Benjamin Chaffey in 1889, and occupied by the Chaffey family from 1891 until 1950. Rio Vista was opened as the Mildura Art Gallery by Sir Dallas Brooks in May 1956. From 1966 Rio Vista was a museum, and in recent times the focus has shifted to that of a Historic House.
Rio Vista is one of Mildura’s most important heritage buildings, and nationally recognised for its architectural and historical significance.