Friday 16 February – Sunday 14 April

Gallery 4
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The object of labour, the place of redemption

Emiko Artemis

The exhibition, The object of labour, the place of redemption , is a contemporary multimedia exhibition by regionally based South Australian artist, Emiko Artemis.
Emiko has been interested in the exploration of history, time, and the place of women in the recollection of history. Emiko’s work has also explored how we use our bodies to move through space and navigate the world around us.
For this exhibition, Emiko investigated the charcoal burning industry of the Riverland region in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Historically, a large industry, it was taken up by many landholders in the area as a way to monetise the large clearing of land for agricultural use. Emiko has made a body of work in and around the historical charcoal pits at Blanchetown and has used the metaphor of haunting to describe the historical place of women in this industry – perhaps not recorded in the pages of history but still a presence in time and space. Emiko has also worked with notions of the disjointed body and the strange, to describe the devastating outcomes that the takeover of land had for many people and for the local natural resources.

Artist talk and performance 5.30pm, Friday 1 March


Image: Emiko Artemis, The Grasp, 2024. Archival digital print