Mildura Arts & Culture Advisory Committee

The Elliott Award 

Respected local First Nations resident Willie Hannah-Rodgers is 2021's Elliott Award recipient in recognition of his lifelong contribution to preserving, protecting and promoting the living Aboriginal culture of our region.

The Elliott Award is Sunraysia's highest arts accolade and recognises outstanding contributions to the arts in our community, particularly where that contribution has not previously been formally acknowledged. More

Elliott Award recipients
2021     Willie Hannah-Rodgers
2020     Megan Sullivan
2019     David Searle
2018     Mavis Francis
2017     Henry Tankard
2016     Yvonne Hedley
2015     Leonard (Len) Krause
2014     Peta Lynne Buchanan and Janine Kerr
2013     Kay Sylvester
2012     Neil Fettling
2011     Shirley Bowie
2010     Mollie Kalms
2009     Neil Noyce
2008     Vaughn Stirrat
2007     Tom McCullough
2006     Des Tobin   

The Mildura Arts and Culture Advisory Committee works with Mildura Rural City Council to ignite arts and culture in our community and develop Mildura Arts Centre as a leading regional arts and cultural precinct, enhancing the vitality and viability of the region at a national and international level. 
Current Advisory Committee:
Don Mayne, Chair
Jo Farrell, Deputy Chair
Bob Jankowski
Jo Fraser
Joe Simonetta
Pat D’Aranjo
Terry McGowan
Antonette Zema, Arts and Culture Development Manager  (ex officio)