Saturday 11 May – Sunday 4 August

Mildura Arts Centre
Galleries 1 & 2
Free Entry

Between the Details: Video Art from the ACMI Collection

An ACMI touring exhibition

Showcasing up to six moving image artworks by Australian artists, this exhibition celebrates ACMI’s vibrant collecting and commissioning program.
Working in video offers artists the opportunity to use editing as their primary technique; mixing and matching elements from other films or their own work to tell new stories. By remixing or rearranging footage they build different rhythms and moods, create hilarious juxtapositions or shed new light on cultural cliches and presumed histories. The works in this exhibition all demonstrate an irrepressible desire to bring deep themes to the surface with humour and an incredible attention to detail.
Kaylene Whiskey, Ngura Pukulpa – Happy Place, 2021
Jason Phu, Analects of Kung Phu, Book 1,The 69 Dialogues between the Lamp and the Shadow, 2021
Deborah Kelly, The Gods of Tiny Things, 2019
Zanny Begg, The Beehive, 2018
David Rosetzky, Gaps, 2014
Christian Thompson, Bayi Gardia (Singing Desert), 2019

BOOK HERE for the Christian Thompson's Bayi Gardiya (Singing Desert) 360 Immersive Experience.

Mildura Arts Centre